The White Lotus Tour - GROUP TOUR

The White Lotus Tour - GROUP TOUR
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  • Duration: 9 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Sicily
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Sicily, the island  just under the “Italian boot” . The biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is well known for its history (Magna Greece) and for the stunning unique beauty of its landscapes. Separated by the Messina Strait from the Continent, Sicily  still conserves antique traditions  and traditional customs, which represent the ‘uncommon’ for many visitors. Its territories spread from Catania to the Volcano Etna, to the crystalline waters of Ortygia or Noto, where a famous gay beach hosts tourists from all over the world: ‘MarianelliBeach‘, just close to a natural park.

This tour celebrates the movie settings of the second season of the vibrant series ‘White Lotus’, in Sicily. The biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea is the backdrop of this complex thriller, where the characters’ story entails with the hotel staff plots and intrigues.

The stunning ‘San Domenico Palace’   - the five-star hotel in Taormine- is the first setting and your first home. The ‘Four seasons’ hotel was an enchanting 14th century Convent, which has preserved its old-fashioned, charming style of gardens, arches and architecture, which mesmerize every visitor here.

Your guide will show to the town center and to ‘Giardini Naxos’, which have been elected as the ‘beach club’ of the series. Enjoy a boat tour in the afternoon taking to the ‘Isola Bella Beach’, dive into the crystalline waters around Taormine and taste the local flavour of the Mediterranean cuisine at one of the many restaurants along the coast (the Michelin-starred ‘Principe Cerami’ or ‘Otto Geleng’, the ‘Anchovi’ or ‘La Cambusa’).

On the following day, on your way to Noto, stop at ‘Tenuta Planeta Feudo di Mezzo’ for a wine tour, in the place which did enchant Harper, Ethan, Cameron and Daphne. Altitude and sunlight on this Northern slope of Volcano Etna make the terroir an inimitable place for winemaking.

You arrive in Noto, which valley is a jubilation of baroque style, together with Modica and Ragusa.

During your stay in Noto, you will learn about this stunning town of yellow sandstone, almost frozen in time. Here, enjoy the best ‘cassata’ at Caffè Sicilia!

Jacques Garcia, interior designer who transformed an old monastery into the princely ‘Villa Elena’, says that this residence is the place where a monastery meets the sea. It’s the place of imagination, half way to Modica. In ‘The White Lotus’, it represents Quentin’s house falsely in Palermo. It is a private property and it is not open to visitors, unfortunately.

From Eastern to Western Sicily means moving in almost lunar settings: the landscape of central Sicily – your route from Noto to Palermo – is beyond imagination. Lands of silence and winding roads, hills and small villages along the way give the colors of authentic views from the inside.

Yo will have a pit- stop in Catania for a ‘granita’ or a ‘cassata’.

Catania is a stunning example of Baroque and the most lgbtq+ friendly town in Sicily, together with Palermo.

Amazing Cefalù is one-hour drive further: a celebrated resort for its clear waters and beaches of Mazzaforno and Settefrati. The Normans left their heritage here, with a marvellous Cathedral. In Cefalù you will relax for a couple of days,  before heading to your final destination, Palermo, on the Western coast of Sicily.

A private transfer will take you through the inland of Sicily on the way to the Capital of the Reign of the Two Sicilies. Phoenicians, Arabs, Normans, French invaded Palermo and different cultural layers coming from a number of different conquerors found their fertile soil here. The city center is surrounded by century-old streets and markets, such as the most famous ‘Ballarò’ or ‘Vucciria’ where fresh food and typical recipes on – the-go are always at hand. Here, colors, people, language are the very heart of Sicilian life-style.

Your guide will invite to a walking tour to the Cathedral, to the Norman Palace, to the Teatro Massimo, where Tanya takes in ‘Madama Butterfly’.

On the way to Monreale, UNESCO Site for its Cathedral, is Villa Tasca, as the Noto villa where Daphne and Harper spent the night.

Villa Tasca is plunged into a wide park, English and Italian Style, which dates back to the 19th century architectural Romanticism. Its interiors are covered with frescoes and the atmosphere is magic, out of time. Its botanical garden is a precious gem of Mediterranean lush nature.

On the last night, do not miss the ‘Arrivederci’ dinner, to pair traditional entries to Sicilian robust wine. Let’s invite your taste and smell to this joyous closing of great Sicilian memories!

The tour ends in Palermo.